The Journey for Life Impact


The JOURNEY FOR LIFE IMPACT is a distinctive life and college prep King’s Ridge Christian School experience with lifelong implications for our children. King’s Ridge students follow a path of self-discovery with intentional, planned actions toward achieving their life and career goals.

Students will be prepared to navigate their lives, viewing problems as opportunities and working with courage, creativity and confidence. They will emerge as strong problem solvers, critical thinkers, life-long learners and collaborative leaders who adapt effectively to change, follow their passions, joyfully serve others and make a positive impact in the world.

As a result of the JOURNEY FOR LIFE IMPACT, students will discover their unique skills and passions, which will guide them to serve and fulfill their purpose to whatever industry or field they have been called. The most important thing that we can do to prepare students for the changes that life throws them is ensure they possess the skills, resiliency and resourcefulness to handle these changes.

JOURNEY FOR LIFE IMPACT forges a positive path to our students’ future — and we, as faculty and staff, are with them every step of the way.


The JOURNEY FOR LIFE IMPACT is an experience unique to King’s Ridge students which uses an integrated approach to connect and nurture their personal knowledge base and experiences through everyday applications in the classroom, community, on the field, the court or on stage and life beyond King’s Ridge.


As a Christian school, we recognize that each person is created with unique gifts and talents with a purpose in mind. We also believe that school is a place where students can find a community anchor that will support them in this discovery. It is where they can find peers to travel the same road, teachers who will invest in their future and a community who will pray for their growth by learning who they are and how Christ works within them.


The JOURNEY FOR LIFE IMPACT involves every person in the King’s Ridge school community. It starts by surrounding the students for whom King’s Ridge was created to serve, by challenging them to stretch to their potential and grow.

It continues with staff investing in the lives of students by creating engaging environments which fuels their desire to learn more. A partnership is formed with parents who are influential in their children’s lives beyond what they can ever imagine. Surrounding students with a common mission and set of values allows them to discover their God-given strengths and develop skills that will be valued in the future workplace and personal relationships. Students will be prepared to go into the world as servant leaders to those around them.

Time Frame

Anyone can join the JOURNEY at any point, but ideally students begin in preK and continue to recognize and embrace their unique gifts and talents through graduation. Students learn to face challenges with the knowledge that making a mistake is an opportunity to learn a new approach for accomplishing their tasks and goals, ultimately creating adaptive and innovative leaders.

The JOURNEY is not something that can wait until high school. Career exploration in the junior year is not enough to prepare students for the rapidly evolving world that they are about to enter. While the final college application process accelerates during high school years, there are formative experiences in the younger grades that are necessary to equip students to enhance the process.

Elements of Impact Across the Grades

The seven elements of impact in the JOURNEY include:

  • Purpose and Calling - God designed each of us for a unique purpose or calling that aligns with our distinctive gifts, talents and interests. One’s purpose in life is not a one-time destination to find – but a journey to pursue.
  • Gifts and Talents - Periodic and ongoing assessments are provided as students progress preK through twelfth grade and build on one another with parent programs at each level to enhance the student’s application and affirmation of learning.
  • Career Exploration – Students explore their dreams and interests while examining emerging skills and investigating career options on the horizon.
  • College Preparation – What is the purpose of college? What are college options? How does a student prepare and select a college to align with identified purpose and goals?
  • Mentoring and Coaching – Students can connect with a community of those who have gone before as mentors and coaches to invest and serve as a resource to those seeking to find and live out their unique path and purpose.
  • Global Agility and Connectedness - Learning about and relating to people from different parts of the world occurs in each grade through cross-cultural projects, international experiences and relationships.
  • Life Skills – Self-management, self-image, organizational skills, goal setting, personal finance, communication techniques and relationship skills are critical to application of what we know and how we serve others.