Learning Support

King’s Ridge Christian School seeks to provide a college preparatory learning environment where students are challenged to reach their potential but are also supported with similar support components offered to them within all higher education environments.

All KRCS students may take advantage of help sessions offered by their classroom teacher as part of the regular learning environment. However, some students may find their learning style requires additional support beyond the regular help sessions.

Three levels of assistance are available in high school grade levels: Basic, Advanced and Comprehensive

Basic Learning Support (included in tuition)

Who is eligible?

Students referred by teacher, advisor, administrator, or parent may have one conference with Academic Support Counselor per semester to learn strategies for student improvement. 

Students qualifying for and receiving testing accommodations through an accommodation plan.

Advanced Learning Support ($1,100 per semester)

Who is eligible?

Students, referred by teachers or requested by parents, in need of additional support for improved performance: Up to 3 small group instructional sessions per week.

  • Course work/time management skills/assistance
  • Motivational/accountability management assistance
  • Study and test taking skills
  • Provision of structured study time
  • Assistance in identifying and scheduling academic tutoring. (Tutoring fees are in addition to the program fees)
  • Communication with teachers and parents
  • May include an accommodation plan based on identified learning difference

Comprehensive Learning Support ($3,300 per semester)

Who is eligible?

Students requiring support in addition to Advanced Learning Support for diagnosed learning difference: Up to 5 small group instructional sessions per week and/or one-on-one learning conferences once per week.

  • Includes services listed under Advanced Learning Support
  • Identification of and practice with specific learning strategies
  • Accommodation plan based on identified learning difference
  • Limited class work modifications