Financial Aid Application Steps


Background Info

Family Guide to Financial Aid
Understanding Private School Financial Aid


Counting the Costs - Affording a Private School Education
Completing Your PFS for the First Time

2 Action Steps for Financial Aid

1. Complete Parents’ Financial Statement

Online application Paper applications are no longer available. If you do not have Internet access, please contact the Admission Office to arrange a time to complete your PFS in our office.

Step by Step Guide

PFS Workbook

The school code for King’s Ridge Christian School is 3913.

2. Required Financial Documents

  • Copy of 2018 IRS Tax Forms and all supporting schedules. 
  • W-2 forms for parents who are employed.
  • KRCS Letter Request for Financial Aid - A letter stating amount you are requesting for financial aid, reason for seeking assistance and any other considerations not covered in the PFS

These are to be uploaded to your PFS account. Instructions on uploading documents