Vocal Arts

Lower, middle and high School students have many opportunities to participate in a variety of vocal performances. 

The Lower School program includes a talented group of fourth and fifth grade students who rehearse once a week after school. Throughout the school year they perform at a variety of events, including the Lower School Art and Music Showcase, the Christmas Concert and Graduation. Their joyfulness and enthusiasm is always a very popular feature of each performance. Music is offered to each Lower School grade once a week for 30 minutes. 

Middle School programs offered include the Middle School Chorus and GMEA All-State Chorus. Performances include the Middle School Christmas Concert, which is a very popular performance, featuring holiday favorites sung by our middle school students. The students also have the opportunity to participate in the annual Middle School Musical. 

In Chamber Singers, high school students continue to improve their performance and vocal techniques through a variety of song and practice. Sight-singing and accurate sound production are emphasized within an enjoyable learning environment.