Mission & Vision

King's Ridge Christian School is a Christian community providing a college preparatory education equipping students to know, to serve, and to believe.

Our Philosophy

King’s Ridge Christian School provides a nurturing learning environment supported by the families and community, emphasizing the development of the student: academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and ethically. As such, we believe in:
  • An accelerated Christian education of academic excellence providing students with the tools to reach their full potential and be useful in the lives of others.
  • Each student has unique gifts requiring specific focus on learning experiences appropriate to age, maturity, and learning style.
  • Presenting to students the Christian faith where prayer and worship are integral parts of the entire Christian school community's life and work.
  • An educational environment equips students to deal with the diverse aspects of the world and helps them shape Christian-based responses to complex choices and issues.
  • Fostering physical fitness, school spirit, sportsmanship, competition, and teamwork through a comprehensive athletic program.
  • Encouraging an appreciation of the aesthetics of music, art, and drama through a cultural arts program.
  • A school where students are known, taught, nurtured, and loved collectively by teachers, administrators, parents, and other students, and the inherent value that such an environment brings to each student’s success.
  • The importance of teaching personal responsibility, honor, moral integrity, and ethical behavior.
  • Developing positive attitudes and self-confidence necessary for college prep and lifelong learning.
  • Assisting students to develop self-discipline for leadership and compassion for service to others.
  • An environment open to all students that invite and welcome diversity in the student body.
  • Supporting parents' partnership and valuing families committed to the School’s mission and their active involvement in the lives of their children and the Christian school community.


King’s Ridge Christian School will become the number one choice for a Christ-centered, academically excellent college prep school and a place for students to build character, discover their unique purpose and calling, and grow to make an impact that extends far beyond the King’s Ridge Christian School campus.


Our passion is to bring every student into a personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ while equipping them to do with excellence all that God has called them to do.