College Counseling

Most college students are unsteady about choosing a college major. Once selected, 50% change majors two or three times. Thus, the average college completion for a bachelor’s degree is now measured in six years rather than four. With rising college tuition, it is imperative for Upper School seniors to be thoughtful in their college selection and this starts with a well-planned college application process.

King’s Ridge students begin thinking about college long before Upper School. College prep courses provide foundational skills to not only write, but understand the writing process, to speak with intentionality and to help them become self-aware leaders who understand their gifts and talents. By eighth grade, they begin the path to college selection with college entrance exam style testing and a college visit.

King’s Ridge’s matriculation rate of 100% college acceptance is the result of a customized approach to the college application process for each student. The Upper School years include a strategic approach to college selection with the student at the center of a partnership involving parents as well as staff members who know them so well. Faculty recommendations to accompany college applications are personalized. SAT prep classes and college essay writing review is integrated into the Upper School experience. Students are well informed and understand the college research and application process so well that they often have several choices of college acceptances as a result. Parents also learn about the process and how to be prepared for the next steps of requesting financial aid, locating scholarships and what happens after the college selection is made. This added benefit is integral to the King’s Ridge Upper School program and one in which many King’s Ridge alumni attribute to positive college experiences.

College Prep

  • Matriculation: 100% college acceptance of all graduates
  • College Scholarships: The Class of 2018 (79 students) earned $5.3 million in scholarship awards, not including HOPE and Zell Miller scholarship eligibility.
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College Representatives

We invite college representatives from the U.S. and abroad to visit our students. Schedule your visit today by clicking here.

KRCS College Counselors

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