Upper School

The high school years narrow the focus to college readiness in both academic level and process.
With a 100% college acceptance rate, it is critical students be prepared for success in the college environment and beyond. King’s Ridge students develop accountability with time management, self-advocacy and research, writing and study skills, and technology operations that lay the foundation for college-level work. Self-awareness allows students to understand that each person has something to offer in collaborative settings. Students are encouraged to stretch their minds beyond their comfort levels and take risks knowing it may lead to discoveries of learning while developing their character and integrity by following the Honor Code.
But it goes beyond that.
King’s Ridge students take basic knowledge and apply it to the action of observing the world around them, asking questions, connecting what they know with what might be, and beyond that, the learning takes off. These self-directed learners leverage technology and understand how God has an integral presence in their everyday world. In today’s smartphone, text-filled, social media world, there is an increasing need to elevate the benefits of relationships and teach empathy. Whether it be amongst two or twenty, this sense of community is critical to belonging.

The term “college prep” becomes very real as students research colleges that will serve as both an ideal fit and a culture that offers relevant experiences and networks to provide them avenues for their next unique paths in life.

A tailor-made college application process is developed with the student and family in mind. Even before Upper School begins (in the eighth-grade year), King’s Ridge students begin following a college application timeline. Through a relational apprenticeship model, students are counseled on how to focus efforts and strategically plan a path that will place them in the best position possible to achieve their goals. On a parallel track, parents meet with the college counselor to understand their role in the college application process.

Internships and mentors are identified during these years to assist students as they identify their gifts and talents. Students also partner with Christian Life Associates, who act as role models to guide them in their Christian walk toward faith and servant leadership through community service, as well as national and international mission trip opportunities.
The KRCS Graduate
It is often noted that there is something different about a King’s Ridge Christian School graduate. They are different from their peers. They carry themselves with a maturity that comes from responsibility, a sense of purpose, and a distinct note of humble confidence and grace attributed to years of experiences that allow them to know who they are and who Christ is in them.

Self-Confident Servants

Self-confident servants who learn to recognize where God is calling them to work and serve in the direction of their passion and purpose.

Self-Aware Leaders

Self-aware leaders who understand their gifts and how they can best contribute.

Self-Directed Learners

Self-directed learners who have a life-long curiosity to know more and are empowered to know how to find the information.