King's Ridge Christian School Fine Arts Academy

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Private Lessons 

King’s Ridge Christian School offers private instruction in piano, strings, guitar, percussion, voice and dance once a week for 30-minute lessons or 60-minute lessons taught by certified KRCS instructors.

PIANO: Grades 1-12
VIOLIN/VIOLA: Grades 1-12
GUITAR: Grades 5-12
PERCUSSION: Grades 5-12
VOICE: Grades 7-12
DANCE: Grades 1-12

Lesson Fees:
Private lessons are $35 per 30-minute session. Individual instructors will handle scheduling and collection of fees. Students will be required to purchase supporting curriculum materials including music books, practice pads (approximately $20) and percussion sticks (approximately $10) for private lessons.

Fees must be paid monthly on the first lesson of the month. If a student misses a lesson, a 24-hour cancellation must be given by contacting the students’ teacher and a make-up lesson scheduled. There will be a yearly studio recital held in late April/early May.

Please contact Jenny Piacente if you have any questions.