Parent Club

KRCSPC Mission Statement

The King’s Ridge Parent Club (KRCSPC) is a volunteer organization, comprised of all KRCS parents, serving the school community through programs, events, and financial gifts designed to enhance and enrich the academic, spiritual, service, and social experiences of KRCS students.

Parent Club Events

Did You Know?

  • As a parent of a child enrolled at King’s Ridge, you are a member of the Parent Club and we welcome and encourage you to participate in the many opportunities available to you.
  • Parents, just like you, are why the Parent Club events are so successful year after year! We couldn’t do it without you!
  • There are events for you, the students, and friends and family to enjoy!
  • And it takes a variety of skills from our volunteers throughout the year to make these events amazing.
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Mark Your Calendars

September 11 - Dining Out at Casa Nuova
September 20 - Ladies Brunch

What We Do & Why We Do It

In keeping with our Mission Statement not only does the Parent Club organize and execute amazing events throughout the year, but the monies raised through fundraising is gifted backed to the school in a variety of ways!

The events hosted by the Parent Club help connect our students, parents, teachers, staff, and friends and family to a greater community. From Grandparents Day to Ladies Brunch to Teacher Appreciation Week, our focus is on enhancing and enriching the KRCS community.

The King’s Ridge Parent Club is honored to present gifts to the school on behalf of our entire community. For the 2016-2017 academic year, we gifted over $112,000 back to the school. We believe these gifts will enhance and enrich the academic, spiritual, service and social experiences of KRCS students and support the school’s dedication to create leaders worth following.

How to Get Involved

Each of our parents have the skills and talents that make a difference! Can you bake? Are you an organizer? Can you make others feel welcome and comfortable? Are you an event planner in the making? Or perhaps you prefer to work behind the scenes?

We need you and your skills!

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LiveShopEat is the Parent Club program that assists in spreading the word about shopping, dining, and supporting amazing local restaurants and shops while drumming up school spirit! These are great fundraisers for the entire family to participate in.

Click visit Community Partners to learn more about how to support LiveShopEat and our community partners who generously support King’s Ridge.

This is the Parent Club used textbooks and uniforms resale store that is open throughout the entire school year along with limited summer hours.

School Year Hours:

Mondays from 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Wednesdays from 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

The Parent Club also hosts an Annual Uniform and Textbook Resale for the collection and sale of these items in the spring. Details of this event will be posted on the All School News as this event nears.

2017-2018 Board Members

President - Diane Van Heest
President-Elect - Kristen Wise
VP Communications - Jaime Dearth
VP Special Events - Heather Weldon
VP Standing Commitee - Katie Stewart
Treasurer - Kristi Zito
Treasurer-Elect - Jeanne Keller
Recording Secretary - Yvette Daniel
Lower School Representative - Margaret Farrar
Middle School Representative - Courtney Palmer
High School Representative - Julie Salvatierra