Christian Life

The word “community” is extremely important at Kings Ridge Christian School. Within our student body, staff, board and family community, we strive to model the same deep sense of fellowship, love, and respect the early church displayed towards one another. 

It is our goal to instill in the hearts of our students a deep and sincere gratitude and love for Jesus Christ that results in a desire to serve and share that love with others. Students share this love first at home, extending through our KRCS community into our local community and outwards to the world. 

Relational ministry is a priority within our community. Christian Life Associates (CLAs) help administrate and organize a Christian community within the Middle School and High School grade levels under the leadership of the Director of Christian Life.

CLAs offer mentorship and guidance to students by sharing interpersonal lessons of their experiences with our students. The Director of Christian Life oversees the Christian Life program and works with other members of the school Operations Team in order to nurture a balanced Christian learning environment emphasizing student development: academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially and ethically.