Middle School

The Middle School years can be a tumultuous time of navigating the waters between childhood and the emerging teenage years. This time often becomes a pivotal fork in the road when a child chooses the path they will take with the friends they surround themselves, with how they approach academic dedication and the tone of the relationship they have with their parents.

It is when they are often faced with ethical choices and decisions on how to live a Christian life while still trying to maintain acceptance with their peers and the world. Their self-awareness is often fragile and social media only complicates messages they present and receive about themselves.

The King’s Ridge Middle School experience (5th - 8th grade) is one that builds community through a structure of small groups of student families with members in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades. The culture honors the fact that God uniquely created each student with his or her own gifts and talents. There is an Honor Code to establish a climate of integrity and a curiosity for learning where it is acceptable for students to not get it right the first time.

Community service becomes the focus as students put their faith into action. Optional mission trip travel starts during these years as students serve organizations around the southeastern United States. Small groups and weekly chapel services round out accelerated Christian education classes in the curriculum.

Students interested in learning more about the King’s Ridge Middle School experience may arrange a Shadow Day by contacting the Admission Office.