Lower School

Lower School launches students into college prep starting in a nurturing environment with differentiated instruction specific to each child’s unique gifts and talents. The reading program supports continued growth by providing a strong foundation for primary students and allowing older students to make their own reading selections. The math program encourages students to stretch their minds by teaching them there is more than one solution to every problem. The ability to work problems in a way that feels natural feeds the creativity found within children and cultivates the innovative skills they will need in future years. Private school elementary science and social studies focuses on a hands-on approach with labs and projects. Students are engaged in the learning process throughout the curriculum and collaborate using emerging technologies. Through this experience, students become creators and begin developing skills to become self-directed learners.

As a Christian school, faith integration takes place throughout the day with 90 minutes of classroom instruction per week and a weekly chapel. King’s Ridge focuses on Christian education by teaching the Bible, rather than a particular denominational belief. Teachers integrate Christian perspective into the literature, math, science and social studies units they teach, as well as when dealing with behavioral and social discipline. 

In addition to Christian education, students participate in six other special classes each week. Physical education takes place four times a week, Spanish and music two times a week, visual art for an hour each week, media center (K-3rd) once per week, and guidance as needed.