Kindergarten is a dynamic year of activity and one in which critical skills are developed. Realizing children develop at different rates, the program is tailored to the individual needs of kindergarten students.

Students develop oral and written language. Pre-reading and beginning reading skills become stronger leading to accelerated language development. 

Focus is placed on explicitly teaching reading comprehension skills through Guided Reading, tailored to individual instructional reading levels, with a goal of learning to write complete sentences. 

Math skills and concepts are developed and explored in real-life situations.

At King’s Ridge, curriculum is tailored to each student’s individual level of comprehension. Students who need a challenge are offered accelerated activities in reading, writing and math. Reading specialists provide small group instruction and extra reading activities for students needing remediation. 

Creativity is fostered in multiple centers and art activities through hands-on methods of instruction. Exploration of God’s handiwork sparks curiosity in students to discover His presence in nature and the world in which we live. King’s Ridge uses technology to reinforce and enrich the learning process, even during the Kindergarten age.

Kindergarten students will receive first consideration if applying to pre-first the following year. Class size: Maximum 16 students with a teacher and full-time assistant. Students admitted to kindergarten are required to have reached the age of 5 by September 1. Students turning 5 in the spring and summer months preceding the start of school are closely evaluated for readiness.

KRCS offers a half-day kindergarten program as an option to parents who seek the distinctive KRCS academic preparation, but would like the flexibility and time with their child to provide their own enrichment opportunities for the specials areas provided in the KRCS full-day program. 

Both the half-day and full-day kindergarten classes offer the same academic preparation including the KRCS Christian integration into the academic curriculum. The full-day schedule offers additional classes of art, music, Spanish, physical education, media center, Christian education, and a weekly chapel. The daily schedule for the half-day program starts at 7:50 AM and will conclude with a 12:20 PM pick-up with the exception of Wednesdays of a one hour delayed arrival. Eligibility for the half-day program is based on enrollment standards for all KRCS kindergarten students with the half-day program open to students who will turn 5 years of age by November 1. Eligibility to advance to a first grade program the following year continues to be for those students who turn 6 years of age by September 1. The pre-first class will be the standard next step for students who are younger than the September 1 qualification unless found to be developmentally ready to advance to a first grade program.