The King’s Ridge Christian School Pre-First program is designed for students who will benefit from an extra year of development prior to entering and accelerated first grade. Students for Pre-First must have completed an accredited kindergarten program.

Language Arts skills are developed by teaching both oral and written communication through the basic building blocks of language development, reading skills, integrated phonics and spelling. Students are exposed to multiple genres of literature where comprehension skills are taught and direct reading instruction is tailored to the individual reading levels.

The King’s Ridge Pre-First Program introduces students to math concepts and develops basic foundational skills through real-life situations with the use of manipulatives and paper/pencil activities. 

Curriculum is tailored to each student’s individual level of comprehension. Students who need a challenge are offered accelerated activities in reading, writing and math. Reading specialists provide small group instruction and extra reading activities for students needing remediation. 

Creativity is fostered in multiple centers and art activities through hands-on methods of instruction. Exploration of God’s handiwork sparks curiosity in students to discover His presence in nature and the world in which we live. King’s Ridge uses technology to reinforce and enrich the learning process even during the Pre-First age.

Class size: 14 students with a teacher and full-time assistant