Third Grade

The King’s Ridge Third Grade program continues to develop reading, writing, math and additional subjects using the foundational skills established in earlier grades.

In the reading program, students read core novels as a class and are engaged through the use of genre and author studies. Students are also offered multiple novels within a unit so they can control the pace at which they read and the topics they choose. Students are introduced to fact driven reading materials on topics appropriate for this age group.

A customized spelling program reinforces phonics, syllabication and paragraph writing. Students learn about analogies, synonyms, antonyms and contextual clues to assist in their comprehension. In addition, students explore alternative literature responses through writing, group work and drama. At this level, students have a strong working knowledge of proper grammar. 

In third grade, math talk and daily-guided practice continue as students work toward proficiency in mental computation, written work and fluency with math facts. In addition, students are taught to think abstractly, solve multi-step problems and communicate mathematical ideas. 

Students engage in the learning process through the use of hands-on materials, games and cooperative learning activities. They acquire an overview of the three branches of science, life, earth and physical, while practicing the use of the scientific process. There is an introduction to the heritage and contributions of colonists and citizens. Technology is used to reinforce and enrich the learning process. 

At King’s Ridge, we acknowledge and tailor curriculum to each student’s individual level of comprehension. Students who need a challenge are offered accelerated activities in reading, writing and math. Reading specialists provide small group instruction and extra reading activities for students needing remediation.

Creativity is fostered in multiple centers and art activities through hands-on methods of instruction. Exploration of God’s handiwork sparks curiosity in students to discover His presence in nature and the world in which we live. King’s Ridge uses technology to reinforce and enrich the learning process even during the third grade age.

Class size: 20 students with teacher and half-time assistant