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KRCS partners with Georgia GOAL, the state's leading Student Scholarship Organization (SSO). GOAL works with 200 independent schools throughout Georgia and has awarded scholarships to 26,661 deserving students since the program's inception in 2008. This school year, 38 KRCS students received financial assistance through Georgia GOAL. 

Georgia GOAL is accepting tax credit applications through December 2023 for the 2024 tax year.

Please note that the Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program provides an opportunity for participants to redirect tax liability already owed to the State of Georgia to private schools for financial aid purposes only. Participation in the program, therefore, is not related to participation in the KRCS Annual Fund or any other internal fundraising campaign.

Georgia Goal FAQs

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  • What is the Georgia GOAL Tax Credit Program?

    Georgia sets aside $120 million in tax credits for Georgia taxpayers, pass-through organizations, and C-corporations that donate funds to qualified Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs) each year. 
    The SSOs, which are nonprofit organizations (like Georgia GOAL), then grant scholarships for current public-school students and kindergarten students to attend Georgia’s independent schools, such as King’s Ridge Christian School.
    A KRCS constituent would redirect part of their Georgia state tax liability to GOAL, designating KRCS as their recipient, in exchange for a tax credit.
    That donation, in turn, would become a need-based scholarship grant for a student to attend King’s Ridge Christian School.
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  • Who qualifies for the scholarship?

    New, incoming students who are currently enrolled in a public school or any rising kindergarten students are eligible to receive these funds, provided that they qualify for need-based financial aid at KRCS.

    Our school has a Financial Aid Committee and specific rules and guidelines that preserve the program’s intended mission and transparency.  
  • How much of my Georgia taxes can I redirect to KRCS?

  • Who can participate in this program?

    Anyone who pays Georgia state taxes would be eligible to participate, whether they live in Georgia or not.
  • If I don't use all the tax credit that I filed for do I lose it?

    No! If you file your taxes as a single or either “married” option, you have two options. 
    • You can carry forward the tax credits you filed for up to five years.
    • You can also claim a return on the left-over tax credit. 
    • Unfortunately, if you are filing as a pass-through or C Corporation, you will not be able to carry forward your tax credit.
  • Questions?

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    Georgia GOAL
  • What is the process of this program?

    • The first step is to decide how you want to file your 2024 taxes:

      • Single, married (jointly or separately),
      • As a pass-through (LLC, S Corp, or Partnership) and at an entity level or not, or
      • As a C Corp or Trust.

    • File your application for the appropriate amount, as determined by you or your accountant, on Georgia GOAL’s website:

    • On the first business day of January, Georgia GOAL will submit all applications to the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR). The DOR will approve/prorate your application by mid-January and send you a written notification, including your 60-day payment deadline.

    • Pay Georgia GOAL by check or credit card before your payment deadline (in mid-March).

    • Georgia GOAL will send you a tax receipt in May 2024 to use when claiming the credit on your 2024 taxes.