Middle School

Over the course of a student’s time in middle school, they will navigate numerous important developmental milestones as they transition from childhood into adolescence. The KRCS Middle School is intentionally structured to serve students most effectively during this unique and critical developmental period.  
At the foundation of all that we do is the relationship between the student and the teacher. Knowing our students is of the utmost importance as we seek to develop our students academically, emotionally, and spiritually.  
This is accomplished through several thoughtful and deliberate means.  One way that community is built is through small advisement groups, divided by grade and gender, that meet twice a week during the school year. Another way that teachers develop meaningful relationships with students is through small class sizes that enable our faculty to provide individual attention and support students differently than is possible in other environments.  

Others Before Self
At the core of our mission, vision and passion are to develop students’ sense of giftedness along with their call to use those talents for something much bigger than their own self-interests.  In that pursuit, all middle school students take year-long Christian Education classes as part of our robust curriculum, participate in our weekly Chapel program and grade level service projects where they go out into the community, and put others' needs before their own. Additionally, all middle school students have the opportunity to go on two multi-day, out of state mission trips on which they serve others in different communities and have dedicated times of praise and worship. 

Students interested in learning more about the King’s Ridge Middle School experience may arrange a Shadow Day by contacting the Admission Office.