Support KRCS


Tuition keeps an institution running. 
Philanthropy transforms it.
King's Ridge Christian School is unlike other independent schools. It is not about the institution. Instead, we want to be known as a school built on Biblical principles and here for one purpose - to serve our students by surrounding them as a community.
As a member of the KRCS community, you have joined the ranks of families that came before you and those here today who have partnered with us to fulfill our school's mission and vision in each child's education.

We prayerfully ask for our families' support through volunteerism and philanthropy in meaningful ways:
  • Sustained Giving - through 100% parent participation in the
  • Engaged Volunteerism – through involvement with KRCS ONE Association (parent organization), the Admissions Office, and the Development Office in support of the life of our school and programs that benefit all students.
Private, ongoing support is essential to the long-term stability and success of the school. You make a significant difference in the life of King's Ridge Christian School as well as the present and future of our students. All gifts are welcome and appreciated - a gift to KRCS is an investment in our students.