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Fine Arts

Visual Arts

Exercising Creativity & Imagination
Students at King's Ridge Christian School can exercise their creativity and imagination by participating in various visual arts opportunities. The students work with diverse mixed media to learn about art history, culture, and production.

Lower School students are exposed to drawing, watercolor, oil, pastels, tempera, and mixed media. Their art teacher inspires and creates enthusiasm for individual projects and group installations that are visible throughout campus. Lower School students display their work throughout the year to showcase their talents.

While in Middle School, students expound upon these skills, preparing them for a drawing, painting, and ceramics studio in High School. All schools participate in the annual Empty Bowl project, with all proceeds benefiting Forsyth County Meals by Grace, and bi-annually recognize the day of peace nationally by participating in Pinwheels for Peace.

High School students present their works each semester with in-house art exhibitions and participate in state competitions. Students develop skills to articulate their ideas and processes within the visual arts department framework of studio practice, critique, and exhibition. They are encouraged to become self-directed in pursuing their artwork's subject matter and concept areas.

Course Offerings

Each student can take Art I for High School credit beginning in 8th grade to accelerate their path to AP Art with a diverse portfolio. Pairing traditional arts training with contemporary art-making practices, the Visual Art Department’s curriculum equally values process and product. Faculty teach technical skills that build critical integrity to cultivate young artists who are independent, ambitious thinkers and makers. 

Clubs: National Honors Art Society

Recent College Acceptances

Mercer University, Purdue University, Savannah School of Art and Design, University of Michigan