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TV/Film Production

Become Leaders in the Industry
The TV/Film production program at King’s Ridge Christian School continues to expand as Atlanta becomes a leader in the industry. On-Camera Acting experience is gained Lower School through Upper School. As students look to pursue professional work, on sight camera audition taping is available with professional direction by Kathy Winchell. In addition, casting agents are contacted based on recommendation to seek representation.

Lower School offers a comprehensive, state of the art curriculum with Tiger TV. With over 10 years of broadcasting, Tiger TV inspires students in production, broadcasting, writing, tele-promptor. The students create content, develop script and execute a Lower School broadcast daily. View recent episodes of Tiger TV

Middle School builds on the skills gained in Lower School Tiger TV and begins to explore the craft and discipline of TV/Film. The focus being storytelling. The process based program values workshop of ideas, critique, and is designed to hone a student’s voice and ideas-and their ability to communicate both to an audience. Students are given hands on experience with equipment and taught Final Cut Pro before entering Upper School.

Upper School expands into a diverse experience through media in areas of screen writing, producing, cinematography, audio production, editing and critique skills. Through short films, individual and group projects, collaboration and interpersonal skills are developed. Students learn video camera techniques, Final Cut Pro editing (Premier editing depending on skill level), basic motion picture critique skills, and pre-production (treatment writing, storyboarding, and proposals) for the creation of traditional and experimental projects. Students learn producer-director relationship and develop planning and implementation skills. Each semester may shift between documentary, narrative and experimental filmmaking.