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Christian Life


Chapel is a time set apart for King’s Ridge students to participate in a relevant, age-appropriate environment so that they can connect with God and grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The topics, events, music, and overall Chapel experience are tailored to engage both students and faculty.

The goal is for all students to look forward to Chapel each week and come with the anticipation of experiencing God in a new and fresh way — an appealing, purpose-driven, and motivational time of worship.

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  • Lower School

    Lower School students attend a weekly chapel, lasting approximately 40-50 minutes and strive to create a consistent environment filled with appropriate music, videos, and faculty messages that are designed to keep students engaged.
  • Middle School

    Weekly Middle School Chapels are 40 minutes in length. Most chapels begin with some action (skits, appropriate games, activities) to get students up on their feet and moving around. It is important for Middle School students to hear from people they know, trust and are familiar. Therefore, KRCS Middle School faculty or coaches deliver most messages.
  • High School

    The ultimate goal of the High School Chapel program is totally student-led worship (content, environment, music, speakers, etc.) Students in partnership with the Christian Life Department staff develop this. High School Chapels challenge students to learn necessary skills to become critical thinkers on faith-based issues.
Student leadership is developed in the Chapel Leadership elective course, offered primarily to senior students. This application-based class directs the week-to-week specific content of how Chapel is produced and managed. Students either speak themselves or choose faculty or outside speakers.