Fine Arts Association


The King’s Ridge Christian School Fine Arts Association is a volunteer organization of KRCS parents comprised of active board members, association members, and volunteer patronage. We serve the school community through coordination, communication, and collaboration of programs, events and fine arts education (art, dance, drama, broadcasting and music).

Membership in the Fine Arts Association is an opportunity for all KRCS families and staff members to support the Fine Arts at all grade levels.

2018-2019 Board Members:
President - Dawn Bye
President Emeritus - Rebecca Meeker
President-Elect - OPEN
Treasurer - Susan Galbreath
VP of Marketing and Communications - Kelly Miller
Secretary - Suzy Castano
Membership - Lori Boe
VP of Lower School Events - Holly Lucenay
VP of Middle School Events - OPEN
VP High School Events - Jeanine Stampfl
VP Community Events - Laurie Smith, Valerie Davis and Kym Hall
Lower School Subcommittee - TBD
Middle School Subcommittee - Shannon Chau and Jinny Abi-Sarkis
High School Subcommittee - Jennifer Aaron and Lisa Mongell