Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's


Does KRCS follow the Common Core?

Common Core is recognized as a minimal expectation on a national level. As an independent school, King’s Ridge Christian School is not obligated, nor do we follow Common Core.  Rather, curriculum is selected that best meets the need to prepare students for a college experience.  

In a school where students are known for who they are, King’s Ridge provides opportunities for a college preparatory approach a with faith integration and go far beyond to meet the needs of students based on who they are with a recognition of differentiated learning styles.   

King’s Ridge is surrounded by some of the best public schools in the state. Why do families choose King’s Ridge?

We agree that King’s Ridge is nestled in an area of some great public school options. We also recognize that students need different types of environments to flourish. Families report selecting King’s Ridge for the extra attention to their child’s academic development; relationships with faculty who know their student as individuals first, and students second; a Christian faith-integrated experience; an environment of respect and accountability from an Honor Code and Christian values; smaller class sizes that permit outside the box activities; a welcoming community of students who are eager to meet new friends; and attention to the college application process that is difficult to experience in a larger school setting.

We are still looking for a church home. Does that mean we won’t be accepted at a Christian school?

There are many types of Christian schools. King’s Ridge is an inclusionary environment that serves as an outreach mission into the community, regardless if you belong to a church. We recognize that each student is on a faith journey and it is our desire that, while they are here, they move closer in their walk with God by having a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

What are you looking for in a King’s Ridge student?

As a college prep school, we seek students who are college bound and can manage the curriculum along with a balance of activities outside the classroom. They will practice time management, positive interpersonal relationships, life skills, ethical practices, servant leadership and round out their development by understanding who they are and who Christ is in them.

Does King's Ridge Christian School give scholarships?

Scholarships, as found in higher education, are not available at grades K-12 . Need-based financial aid is awarded on a limited basis to qualifying families. Approximately 15% of KRCS students are granted financial aid assistance.

How is the Christian faith presented?

King’s Ridge is intentionally Christian in our statement of faith, vision, mission and how we operate and live. All staff members are Christian as are Board of Trustees members. Each student takes Christian education classes and attends a weekly age-appropriate chapel service. All students participate in community service projects and students in grades 6-12 have opportunities to serve on mission trips.

There is a wide diversity of Christian denominations represented in the KRCS school community, thus we refer to being a multi-denominational Christian school. Some of the most prevalent are non-denominational, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopalian, and approximately 30% of the school population are practicing Catholics. All enrolled students, regardless of faith, participate in the full school program.

What are you looking for in a King’s Ridge family?

We seek families who are missionally-aligned and believe in the mission, vision, passion and philosophy of King’s Ridge Christian School. It is in this alignment that students will benefit by being surrounded with adults in their lives who strive for the same outcomes.

A King’s Ridge family is one that also likes to get involved in the school community. You will often see parents involved as classroom volunteers, team parents, members of KRCS ONE parent association, serving on Board committees, attending school events and parent teacher conferences.

What is the state tax credit? Can I use that to pay my child’s tuition?

The Qualified Education Expense Credit Program (Private School Tax Credit/Student Scholarship Organization) was passed into law by Georgia House Bill 1133 and was expanded by House Bill 325. This legislation permits a couple filing jointly to redirect up to $2500 of their state tax liability (individual up to $1000) to a scholarship fund. You may not designate funds for a specific student. King’s Ridge Christian School partners with Apogee Scholarship Fund. All funds secured through the SSO program are used to award to the parents of King’s Ridge Christian School students or applicants who demonstrate need through the financial aid process.

Where do King’s Ridge students live?

90% of King’s Ridge students reside within a 10-mile radius of campus. This includes students from Fulton, Forsyth, Cherokee and east Cobb counties. There is currently no bus transportation provided but many of our families form carpools.