Missions enables our students to not only serve others, but to serve others while expanding their worldview through experiencing different cultures and communities locally, nationally, and internationally. Student and faculty mission trips are conducted to further reinforce the School’s mission of building a strong sense of Christian community.

All students are encouraged to engage and participate in missions, extending their exposure to people from vastly different cultures, all the while relating to people through the Christian faith.

Lower School students support mission trips in many different ways, such as gathering supplies, praying for Middle School and Upper School students going on the mission trips and praying for the people who our groups minister. The goal is to cultivate their awareness of the needs of others and help them develop a greater sense of being a part of a global community in which God is alive and working around the world.

Middle School students are offered opportunities to participate on mission trips in the southern United States, from West Virginia to Louisiana. Upper School students are offered trips both in the U.S. and internationally. In past years, high school trip destinations include Kentucky, Florida, Colorado, Tennessee, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Kenya.

Community Service

KRCS students must earn 60 hours of community service between grades 9 – 12 to be eligible for graduation.